White Lies, Protection or Gaslighting

5 thoughts on “White Lies, Protection or Gaslighting”

  1. The movie “Gaslight” is psychologically disturbing.
    Being around such people in real is more frightening.
    The manipulators gaslight you to have things done their way. You grow happier every day away from them.

    1. Agreed. It’s such a sneaky practice isn’t it? For instance, with one relationship in my life, I just identified that gaslighting had been happening for the past 1.5, but now that I can look back, I clearly see the first instance that it happened. What about you?

      1. Back then, it looked fine because the mind was clouded. But now, when I look back, everything seems wrong. I feel like, why did I not see it??? It was all so distinct. How could I not see? All those red flags.
        So, now, when I see someone in similar condition, I am like – Run girl run…. Run far away and you gonna have an amazing life ahead…

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